Sunday, 7 October 2012

Let the festival begin

    This happened in the Summer, at a festival. It was the first day, and things were going pretty well, but something was missing: cold beer. So, we bought a 24-pack of beer and went to a park to drink it. Between drinking some beers and the wine that we brought to the festival, a guy starts talking to us with a mic in his hand, saying he’s from the local radio station and starts asking us questions about the festival. We were a little bit wasted so we couldn't help but laugh and say really stupid things to this reporter. He eventually went away when he saw that we weren’t in our normal state of mind.

    Later we decided to go dinner at the local MacDonald's, and I was the designated driver, as I was the only one with the car who could fit us all.

    It’s fair to say that I felt like I was in my first driving lesson, zig zagging, driving in the wrong lane, making turns I couldn’t make... Actually, I was thinking that it was being funny, until we crossed with a police car. Fortunately, they didn't notice I was driving like crazy.

    When we reached MacDonald's I even drove the front right tire into the curb, lifting the car just a little, but we were so drunk we thought we were going to die.

    Nothing bad happened to us nor with the car, and we went on to have a great time. But, that drive taught me a valuable lesson: never drink and drive. And so we went back to the festival precinct by foot, returning to MacDonald's the morning after to pick up my car.

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