Saturday, 6 October 2012

Rock bottom

    One day I was invited to the birthday of two friends of mine, which was gonna take place in the usual place.

    As I got there, I realized that my friends, who were already slightly drunk, had already drunk a bottle of red wine each one. Besides that, they were always cheering to everyone! And I lost the count on how much bottles we drank during the rest of the dinner...

    When we left the restaurant one of my colleagues decided to go home because he couldn’t stand up anymore, but the others wanted to party!

    Well, this colleague I just told you about woke up in the middle of the night with a huge need to poop. He was still completely wasted and didn’t even thought about simple things like toilet paper. I mean… He just realized he had no paper when he was finished.

    But he had a brilliant idea!! He cleaned his ass to the towel that was in the bath. And by the way: it was from his roommate, who later came home and noticed a huge amount of shit in his towel...

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