Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Where did he go?

    A couple of years ago, we went to commemorate Carnival out of town. We grabbed our costumes, food and, of course, our drinks, and jumped on a train... One of the greatest nights of our lives was just starting...

    Halfway through the night, one of our friends was bored and decided to go home. We said goodbye and he took off.

    The rest of the night went pretty well, we stayed the entire night at the same place and we were the center of attention, as the party revolved around us.

    At the break of dawn, we went back to the train station and we took the train. Due to the confusion, our group got separated and I was in a different part of the train with one my friends, who was pretty drunk.

    At the next train station we tried to make a run for it to get in the same compartment as the rest of our group. But as soon as we jumped off the train, my friend fell down, tumbled down the floor and was going to fall, head first, down the tracks on the other side. I had to throw myself over his legs to prevent him from falling down.

    During all of this I was worried that the train would take off without us, but I noticed the driver was watching us, and was waiting.

    So we got up, started running, and we finally got near our friends.

    The rest of the trip went well. We were almost back home when our friend that left earlier calls us, asking where we were, and that he had woken up, without his costume, at the berm of a highway entrance... The obvious question was:


  1. Well it seems that your friend has just won 8€ -.-'

  2. LOL

    I don't know anything about that... Still, the big question remains...