Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Drinking game: Pim & Pum

    Most of these stories happenned when the interveners were drunk, and we don’t get in that state randomly... Or do we?

    We play many games to get ourselves drunk, using cards, coins, dice, or nothing! We’ll be posting a couple of games we think is fun, starting from our favorite game: Pim & Pum.

    This is an easy game but requires a lot of practice not to fail. The premise is simple: you sit in a circle and, starting with the number 1, each person must say the successor of the previous number.

    But, here’s the catch: every number that is a multiple of 3, or contains the number 3, must be substituted with Pim or Pum:

game continues normally
    Pum: inverts the direction

    Everytime you fail, you drink and start over. For example, playing the game with 4 persons:

    Person 1: one
    Person 2:
    Person 3: pim (3 is multiple of 3, continues normally)
    Person 4: four
    Person 1: five
    Person 2: pum (6 is multiple of 3, inverts direction)
    Person 1: seven
    Person 4: eight
    Person 3: pim (9 is multiple of 3, continues normally)
    Person 2: ten
    Person 1: eleven
    Person 4: pum (12 is multiple of 3, inverts order)
    Person 1: pum (13 contains the number 3, inverts order)
    Person 4: fourteen

    … and so on...

    If at any moment a person says the wrong number, or takes too long to answer, he or she drinks, and the game starts over. The person who lost starts the game, in the same direction that the game was going when the person has lost.

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