Friday, 5 October 2012

Prison Break

    So we went to a club out of town, we drank, we partied and we got bored. We decided to go home. However, one of our friends was well accompanied and most likely wasn’t going to leave with us. So we took off and went to crash at a friend’s place nearby.

    It seems that, not long after we fell asleep, our friend decided to go home too. But he didn’t have enough money to pay his drink card. He tried to call us, but we were all fast asleep.

    This club is indoor/outdoor in the middle of the woods, and according to his logical drunk mind, he would be able to jump over a 10 feet wall, and disappear in the forest.

    He tried to go for it. He jumped but couldn’t reach the top. So he gets a small basket, turns it upside down and tries again. This time he succeeds! He tries to climb but he suddenly felt his leg heavy. Turning his head, he noticed a security guard holding him.

    This friend of ours, when he gets drunk, he gets really ballsy and funny. So his first reaction was to laugh. Apparently the security guard threatened our friend and he was taken to the head of security.

    In our friend’s mind, he thought he would be able to sneak his way out using logical shenanigans...

    Friend: “Aren’t you tired?”
    Security guard “Well yeah, of course!”
    Friend: “Wouldn’t you like to go home?”
    Security guard: “Yes”
    Friend: “Well... I’m tired too and I want to go home!”

    Our friend ended up calling one of us again and this time we answer. We went to get him but we couldn’t return to the house because he was so on fire, he wouldn’t shut up about his amazing night and would end up waking everyone up.

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