Monday, 1 October 2012

Can't touch this

    A few years ago, I went to a disco with some freshmen. As soon as we get in, I saw two friends of mine dancing with a couple of african girls... And that dance was simply amazing! The girls lowered their bodies, and were rubbing their backs all around my friends... I almost had an erection just by looking at it... I told a freshmen that I wanted to meet an african girl, and 2/3 minutes later he came back with all of them! It’s so good to have freshmen nearby :D

    None of them were really pretty, but one of them really attracted me. She was very hot, and not ugly at all... I stared a little bit at her, and she came to me, started dancing with me, and in less than 30 seconds she was rubbing her back on my penis... I tried to dance with her, to move with her, but when I was hard I couldn't hold on, and touched her back on the sides... As soon as she felt my hands on her back, she stopped dancing, turned around and told me with that freak african accent: "The dance is over"

    Dude, I stood all alone in the dance floor, with a huge hard-on, and very, very pissed off... But after 5 seconds, I laughed so loud that I think I even cried...

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