Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Adventures of Mr. Stupid

    This is not much of a story, it's more like a journey. It started when I went to a party at a friend's house. While I was at this party, sometimes I went to the bars nearby to hand out invitations to people that were going to a club (I’m kind of a public relations guy), which I was also going. My friends later told me that I handed A LOT of invitations although I only remember hanging out a couple, probably my drunk self just wanted to meet girls, and that happens a lot.

    So, later, me and my friends regrouped to go to the aforementioned club. Some went by car, others by bus, but I decided to walk... Alone! I don't really remember the trip, just sitting on the stairs near a big building, thinking I was lost, although I'd been there before a lot of times, and I was about 200-300 meters from the club. So I called a friend and explained to him that I was lost. After a lot of talking and yelling, he realized where I was and came to get me.

    When he arrived I was sleeping and snoring, but he woke me up. It took some time for me to get up because I couldn't stand up straight, but somehow I regained the knowledge of laws of physics and was able to walk.

    About one hour after I left the party, I arrived to the club. What happens next? The bouncer wouldn't let me in. Can you believe that? He was denying entrance to the #1 PR from that club, and later told my boss that it was because I was looking at him like I wanted to fight him when he asked for my invitation. Fortunately, the supervisor told him to let me in, and finally I was inside the club, completely wasted. So what do I do? I grabbed a girl I had previously made out with, and had no intentions of doing that again, and I started kissing her. We were both completely wasted, so we looked like “those” two that are eating each other faces off. She was very unattractive and fat, and my friends mocked at me for a whole week the first time I made out with her... Still, my drunk self decided to go for it... Once again, I was saved by a friend that pushed me away from the fat lady...

    After thinking I lost my card and other drunken stupidities, I left the club. Before I got home, two guys started messing with a couple of friends of mine. I wanted to peace things out but my friends, thinking I was drunk, grabbed me. So, I yelled at them to let me go. But the troublemakers thought I was trying to fight them, so they started to mess with me too. The problem was resolved when a friend of this two guys pushed them away from us. Finally I arrived home... I entered it, then entered my room, threw myself to the bed with the last strength I had left, and slept.

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