Monday, 1 October 2012

A wild african girl appears...

Guy #1 perspective
    One night I went to the academic bar with some friends, and we were all very drunk. I walked around the bar, watching the girls, and started dancing and establishing eye contact with them. A few minutes later, I realized that two african girls were dancing near me... I saw an opportunity of getting an african sexy dance (like the one described in the previous post) and looked to a friend of mine who was near me, who understood my intentions. We started dancing with them. For some reason, my friend left me alone, and after a few minutes of dancing and flirting, one of the girls made a move on me... She asked a few questions (she wasn't pretty, but those tits couldn't stop staring at me) and we started dancing... It was good, but it wasn't the kind of dance I was expecting... I thought that maybe she was shy, and started thinking how I could get the dance that I wanted, when she told me that she wanted to meet my friend... I felt like a microwave, but I lol'd and I went talking with my friend, told him to talk to the girl, and in less than 2/3 minutes they were making out... At the end of the night, his comment was "I still don't like african girls"... Course he doesn't, he probably wanted to bang her, but had to settle with a few kisses :D

Guy #2 perspective
    One night I went with a couple of friends to a famous bar. I got there and decided to introduce a couple of girls to a guy I know. Now let me tell you something about myself: I’m a little racist. But because I was wasted, I decided to chat a little with two african girls and later I introduced them to the guy I was telling you about. Some time later, he was dancing with them, and next thing I know he’s telling me that one of the girls asked for me, so I went there, she grabs me and starts dancing with me. I ended up making out with her, an african chick, and I’m racist! I ended up going home with my principles crushed but a little happy that I scored...

Moral of the story
    Two drunk guys looking to score always have different perceptions of the night...

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