Thursday, 4 October 2012

The forgotten night

    This story that I'm gonna tell you is a mix of conversations about a night that me and my friends went out.

    I only remember the last part of this story, but it’s kinda like this: It was a regular night out with my friends, and we started drinking at 10.30 PM. Beers, vodka, whisky, a couple of shots, more beer, more whisky, more shots.

    Now this part of the story is the part that my friends told me, because I don’t remember anything! What they told me was that we went to the club, took us like one hour and half to travel a distance that we can easily do in 20 minutes, obviously already wasted like hell, but we managed to get into the club.

    After an hour there I started talking to a girl which I didn't know if was drunk or not. We talked for a while, we danced, we danced much closer to each other, and suddenly she starts rubbing her whole body in me, obviously looking for something. After that, we kissed. We made out a little, and according to my friends, I went with her to her place.

    Now the part I remember: I woke up at 5.30 AM, in her bed with her, asking myself: “What the hell happened?”. Then she woke up too, saying that that night had been wonderful, including the details. I said I had to go home with my friends, she walked me to her door, and we said goodbye to each other. But my route was very different from what I told her, because I called my friends, they told me they were in a disco, and I went there to keep partying...

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